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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Exile"

I actually logged on just now hoping for a new Crypt Shyfter, so it was pretty neat to find one here waiting for me. I love how these games keep improving, while still keeping the feel of the originals. I never miss graphics when playing this series. As I've mentioned in other reviews, I find the settings and characters to be detailed and have depth, but I never feel bogged down with detail in the writing either. It's a fine balance to strike, but results in a really fun experience that's totally text based.

A good idea I saw in other comments- I agree it would be cool to know how many endings remain to be unlocked, when there are multiple endings. I tend to play through these games a few times in different ways anyway, so it's not essential, but would be a neat thing to think about adding in the future. I've also thought in the past it would be fun to have a couple medals or achievements for finding eastereggs or obscure options, either in the environment or conversation trees. Don't bother if it would make the games less fun/more work to make though, one of the things that makes these games so much fun is it seems you really enjoy making them. The above suggestions are just passing thoughts, or things to keep in mind if you're looking for new tweaks for future games. I like that choices usually result in progressing the story (in one way or another), but a couple 'dead ends' here and there might keep us on our toes as well. I think that regardless, I'll enjoy these games. It's the writing that makes them really good, so however you choose to write it works for me.

Music is fantastic, both well made and well chosen, maybe the best in the series. I also think the characters in this one are the best so far- very well done. Thanks for another great game!!

Starfreaks responds:

Thanks for the feedback! You bring up a lot of good points that I will try to address in future games :)

I have wanted to add medals to be unlocked for going down certain story paths to add to the replayability but I'm an awful programmer and haven't figured out how to do it yet.. it took me 5 games to figure out how to add music XD

But if you know anyone please DM me! Medals would be totally rad, and I can definitely include a number of endings (or even just a medal for each ending). Thanks for sharing your thoughts, glad you enjoyed it!


I've enjoyed these since game one and I'd love to write with you. I enjoy the comedic style and it's this is my favorite yet, because it wraps up the multiverse in a nice neat package. "Wherever your evil exists, I will defeat you." storylines are the best. You can imagine an endless number of incredible stories. The humbled beginning, the complex storyline, and the darker, yet silver lined ending all point towards the greatness that has only begun for this like.

To be honest, I love it like I love The Dark Tower series.


Starfreaks responds:

An'kaja and thankee-sai! I'll DM you a link to our discord- there are actually a couple people working on their own twine games in there and we are all giving feedback to each other. One of the guys just sent me a first draft of his own Crypt Shyfter adventure this morning which had me super excited!

There is plenty of room in this universe for more authors and thousands of stories waiting to be told. I hope I've built enough of a playground that you can just run wild with it :D

I have been deceived from the ratings and the game icon.
I expected at least some graphic images.
But the music was a 10/10.
I suggest you at the least add some images or slides during each exchange, because it is far too bland for you a black screen and epic music.

You made a really cool thumbnail for the game when led us all to play this.
Please add some Visuals, i really want to see some visuals here because i really love the music man.
Good job on the story you made and Good Luck further !

Starfreaks responds:

Sorry for the deception! It's game 7 in the series, but they're all text adventures. I've been working with some fantastic artists to get really badass cover art so at least I know they're doing their jobs well haha!

Thanks for giving it a shot my good buddy ;)

Smiled like an idiot the whole time

Starfreaks responds:

Mission accomplished :D

This game has nice music and an overall badass Space Barbarian theme. The space themed music tracks give a lot to the feeling and atmosphere, the musicians have done a good job!

As for the gameplay - this game is all about choices, but the choices are made meaningless because you progress no matter what you choose. Most choices are just cosmetic. It's possible just to randomly click trough the choices and come to a decent ending. There is no intrigue or feeling of dread because you know you cannot lose. It would be much better if most choices would have two or three options that branch to different endings and also one or two choices that lead to death or otherwise losing so that player should be obliged to understand the context, follow the plot closely and choose wisely. This is space and a miscalculation should be deadly, but with all options leading to cool, rad and badass outcomes it feels like playing in a safe sandbox.

At least the the game needs to tell how many endings are there and how many can still be unlocked, maybe award an achievement of each of them maybe then it would be worth playing to achieve this goal despite it all feeling like playing in a safe sandbox.

Starfreaks responds:

it means a lot to me that you keep coming back to play these every time despite the meaningless choices and random clickability. but hey- we're up to 2 stars!!! i will wiggle my way into your heart eventually ;)