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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Exile"

More of just a story than a game, albeit a good story. Track 2 fits best.

Starfreaks responds:

Those musicians saved my ass ;)

This game lacks the variety of paths the other games have, but still pretty fun, especially with that metal tune blasting all the time \m/ Keep up with the good work!

Starfreaks responds:

Thanks for stickin' with it!

I liked the game but a few things to consider: 1. The choices should be action-oriented not result-oriented, as in "I overheard sth sth" should be "follow him around" 2. I think you should tone down the descriptions and monologues, a conversational style would make it more engaging. 3. Go off the rails, the beginning and end were great felt like filler, let the player branch off, make unexpected decisions which take the story in a whole new direction, letting the player feel really in control of the story.

Keep up the good work :)

Starfreaks responds:

Makkana :)

Totally awesome! I love all of your games :D
This one however felt like a step backwards, especially compared to Vortex, which has multiple endings. This one every choice you make leads you to the same ending (except at the portal).
Fallout has a "Karma" system where choices in a decision tree either give you "good karma" or "bad karma". If most choices are "good" then interactions with npc's will be better and the police npc's don't shoot unless triggered; and If most choices are "bad" then npc's will hate you (and give you bad discounts at stores) and the police npc's will hunt you down and try to kill you when you pass them in the wasteland.
Near the beginning of the game one of the aliens offer to get you back home if you help them win the war, and at the end they just make you Queen. And during the epic badass space battle on the mother ship, right after you board you were offered a chance to blow up enemy ships or ignore them by shooting the blue barrels. Regardless of what you pick the ship blows up and you get dismembered.
Choices MATTER. Especially in games, especially to gamers. The story itself was great, but it's just a story, not very interactive. Badass gamers can't be a badass unless the badass game is badass
I'm looking forward to your next one :D

Starfreaks responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'll work on that for the next one :)

How did I become the Ultimate Badass?
I shit myself, of course!

Starfreaks responds:

Pooping in my pants....