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Reviews for "Starfreaks: Exile"

Will there be a story in which all the heroes of the previous adventure gather to form a group of badass adventurers in order to defeat the shyfters once and for all? Or maybe make one with a half-shyfter who has to train his/her powers first and go on a few epic adventures before becoming a living legend after all the other evil shyfters got killed. Another option would be combining my ideas into one, first let the half-shyfter train and then gather everyone who fought against a shyfter in the past to stop the villains in an epic adventure!

Starfreaks responds:

I don't wanna give too much away but... DM me if you really wanna know. You aren't too far off the mark there ;)

Not your best work, in all honesty. My main problem with this one is that these aliens have the necessary technology for arcades and pizza, yet somehow are still stuck with spears and knives for weaponry.

Starfreaks responds:

Know something? You're right. It wasn't one of my best yarns. Pretty perceptive of you to notice, but hey- I can't hit a homer every time! Here's hoping the next will be better- and thanks for taking the time to set me straight.

Thoroughly enjoyed this installment, as always, and understand your decision to avoid dice rolling and statistics in the name of writing an excellent story. However, I can't help but notice there was a lack of...romance(read:sex) in this game. I hope this trend doesn't continue.
Good luck on your journey!
Philburn the cultured

Starfreaks responds:

oh don't worry, there will be more sex adventures! actually only 2 out of the 7 current games (vortex & dreadnaughts) have ANY romantic options, but each new adventure offers new opportunities and i'm just getting started ;)

meh the music and plot is basic

Starfreaks responds:

What can I say, I'm a basic bitch

I will be honest, this game is rather confusing. You start out in one world and end up in a terribly different place. While I felt the plot was somewhat akin to Gorean fantasy or Krull, the overall gameplay seems to have no consequences in the choices made by the player. I will have to find out with further replays.
I voted a five, because the imagination is there, but in my rating and review I only give it a four, because it is a bit confused in its final product.
BTW, this story is to be continued, so do not expect as satisfying a conclusion as you got in previous Crypt Shyfter games. Frankly, the endings are always the best part, in a close tie with many of the twists and choices, so I hope the ending is worth it.

Starfreaks responds:

The next one'll knock yer socks off!