Reviews for "JustAnotherSnakeClone"

So I got more than 1M of score TWICE, and I didn't get the 1M, 500K, 5K, 1.5K nor 1K medals...
Aside from that it's a decent snake game.

nitinkumar25195 responds:


Solid snake clone with some interesting new mechanics.

The single biggest thing you could do to improve it is to find a way of making the early game more interesting. This is an inherent problem with virtually every snake game but you do start very slow and you have a very large play area compared with most which is good but exacerbates this problem. An option to chose start speed and maybe a checkpoint system could make a huge difference.

I scored about 10m but it didn't register for some reason, I don't really care but this could really annoy some users. Maybe get it to send the score at a more regular basis such as every 10 pickups.

A few more UI elements such as current length, multiplier and speed might be good but I do kinda like how clean it is at the moment. I don't like the +1 indicator for speed because without knowing your current speed or base speed it doesn't really tell you very much.

Pause would be really good.

There's also an issue with food spawning inside the snake body which happens quite often when the snake gets long.

Apart from that it runs nice and smooth and you've got the basic mechanics nice and solid, I really hope you continue to develop this and if you need any help send me a message.

nitinkumar25195 responds:

It just got stuck in my mind to just keep it simple. Displaying all that info as you pointed out will not look that clean and simple. Therefore there are those popups with each power up. About the speed there was a plan to incorporate speed plays and boosts but i will implement in maybe some other project. I will soon release a version on itch.io that might incorporate those ideas.
I will add the pause button soon.
Thanks for the feedback.

An interesting twist for a very simple game.
But the snake is soooo slow and it takes several cubes to make it go faster, but I have no big problem with that.

Good work!
Sorry for the bad English.

nitinkumar25195 responds:

Thank you.
You move a little faster when you move diagonally when you use two direction keys in quick succession.

Pretty good. Could use some work in the music area, since only having one track playing can get annoying.

nitinkumar25195 responds:

Thank you. I will add some good tunes when i add scoreboards.
Edit: Added sounds and scoreboards. Scoring is also a little tough now