Reviews for "JustAnotherSnakeClone"

Interesting game with cool mechanics and addicting gameplay. Only issue is the medal unlocks are very bugged, and some of them will not be awarded, forcing multiple replays of difficult scores. It's very annoying. Overall though, a well made game

nitinkumar25195 responds:

I found the issue with the API(finally). Medals and scoreboards will be fixed in a day or two. There will be some changes in gameplay too. Thank you for your opinions.
Final Fix and Update : Medals unlocked can be seen on the side with popups(either while playing or when you die). This is the final update and there will be no further modifications.
For issues that arise contact Josh Tuttle(PsychoGoldfish), He might have some answers.

The game is very good, keeps you playing it, but... those medals unlock issues ruin it totally. I made an over a million score 5 times already, from which only 2 registered on the highscore list. I just made a 1,2 million score, hoping that this time I will get all the deserved medals-but NOT again. I noticed that the medal for 400 length finally unlocked, so I was happy that finally I will get the one for reaching the score of a million, but to my total disappointment this medal did not unlock for the 5th time for me-is that medal even still working? 3 questions:
1. Why this game cannot just check the NG scores and unlock the medals that a player deserves?
2. Why the game simply cannot store information about the player's achievements?
3. Why the game cannot simply re-send them when I reload the page?
There are many Unity games on NG that have such features.

nitinkumar25195 responds:

I will look around to fix this issue. I am still getting the hang of the new API which is slightly confusing(at least for me). I am really sad about the medal issues and we did have some chat about that. I will fix this. Thank you for your honest opinions.
Edit: Medals and Scoreboards fixed.

wow that was fun

nitinkumar25195 responds:


It's a fun twist to the original Snake game, though takes a looong time before you start gathering speed... and even then it feels a bit slow. I feel like it'd be easier to replay if the speed-up process was a bit faster, and then you could avoid green ones too if you feel like it's getting too much. The medals also don't seem to be unlocking properly - I was well past a million and yet that medal remains... and the highscore doesn't seem to be registered either. Some kind of time-out issue? Since it does take a while to get that far...


nitinkumar25195 responds:

I think you need to refresh the page to see your medals and the highscore registers when you die. I did fix the medal issue.
I will test it again though.
Edit: Medals and scoreboards fixed

I would have preferred more flexible arrow key controls. Like if I keep my hand on right, and then go up, left then down, and my hand's still on right, it won't go right again. It doesn't feel as flexible as other snake games, it's a big letdown for me.

nitinkumar25195 responds:

You need to press them quickly to do a 360 if that is your intention.