Reviews for "The Sound Pursuit"

I like it and all but the medals don't work. Keep at it!

FIL1994 responds:

The game has been updated. You should have no problems with the medals now.

The game is fairly nice, though i wish the income would increase the more songs/albums u release to produce even more

I like this game, but I think some things could be expanded.

Even when i'm a big group selling thousands of records every week, I still only make $300 per show, and that hasn't increased all that much from when i'm recording in a garage and mixing my own songs.

As others have said, it quickly turns into a click-fest, and once you have a certain amount of money you are making the best songs you can and still not running out.

Not a bad one, Keep up the good work ;)

Nice. Unfortunately nothing more than just nice.

Why not to explain what do the statistics do before forcing player to spare these 10 points?
Practicing becomes useless at some point stopping most players at certain point (or near it).
Too quick to progress, too quick to master! It's like ultra-short clicker in current state!
Songs statistics doesn't say too much and are hard to manage when there is ton of songs.
I don't see any point in releasing songs exclusively for albums.
Starting statistics are of no importance - after some level-ups the differences are futile.
Nothing to do with $$ when you got over 10K.
When you have many unreleased songs, there are 2 scrolling bars on release screen!
Hugely repetitive.

Nice loops.
Looks neat.
Quite entertaining for first few minutes.