Reviews for "Revenge of The Kid"

I have been waiting for this to appear on newgrounds for a long time.Love the game,love the voice acting,the concept.Pure 5.

I really liked that game, even if it was a little shorter than i expected and even if the last duel is a little "faster" than i expected, i still liked it, it's really cool, especially because of the style, the gameplay and the voice acting

Good little shoot-em-up considering the static nature of levels, character movement would spice it up.

Love it. Its impossible to give anything other then a 5 star rating. Common theme under a original vision and style; this is great! Music and art were spot on and the storie was really fun. Easily adictive.

This is a phenomenal game. Everything is top notch. Story, art, gameplay. It's not original, but it's done with such charm and heart, that I cannot give it less than 5/5. The game slightly lags, when the player shoots the enemies, but not when the enemies shoot the player. Otherwise, this is a delicious treat for a both seasoned player and a noob.