Reviews for "Revenge of The Kid"

The game is quite simple, but solid.

Its gameplay is intuitive enough for me to have taken it in hand directly, inventive at certain times. It's very fun to control, the physics is well managed (Even if it requires a little time to adapt for a while) the drawings are very nice, the atmosphere is great, the voice acting is magnificent (I enjoy hearing the characters spoken for my part) !
The music is also very good (Okay, a little repetitive sometimes, which can become annoying), and goes well with the general atmosphere.

The only shadow on the board I would see would be the difficulty curve, which is, for me, mismanaging. Indeed, I beat all levels without much difficulty, but like other people, I find myself blocked at 4-4, facing a difficulty suddenly too high for me. I would probably come back later to try to beat him, and I'm not complaining about a game that gives me resistance... But it happens so suddenly that it takes me by surprise... And not especially a good one. (Or it's just that I'm REALLY bad... I think it's more that.)

But it's still a great game, very pleasant, which has an atmosphere that gives it all its charm ^^

Awesome game mechanic, challenging puzzles, and excellent art. But the thing that impressed me the most is the awesome voice acting!

Y E S! Y E S! Y E S!


Can't get past 4-4. Any tips?