Reviews for "Revenge of The Kid"

Short game with good art and coding...yes!

It was short, but Awesome to the same time!

To danishgoel- Great work on the programming! Physical effects, and most importantly, the shooting!

To Chaz- The art was great! I enjoyed the little faces! (Especially your chibi one. :3)

To Shock-Dingo- Great western Voice acting! Touching to the game play!

Score, 4.5 / 5

Good game, nice art and the voice acting was awesome. The final boss battle was kinda hard until, I found out that I could shoot Nunez's barrel while he is holding it.

5 outta 5

A quick and fun title nothing more nothing less, good voice acting and gameplay, but could be longer 4,5!

Fun game with great simplistic art-style. Although it is a little bit short, the story and humor makes up for it in my opinion. Some levels could be a little bit frustrating, but once you get the hang of it the game is a breeze. I heavily recommend it.