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Reviews for "Maze Dog"

Funny and creative, i love the 8-bit style! :D

platformalist responds:

Hi Charles-The-Cat!

I'm so glad that you had a good time with Maze Dog. :)

Thanks for playing!

I was enjoying this game so much, that I didn't even realize I played for 24 minutes! Really felt like just "moments" of my time, since I was having fun :).

Really liked the different kind of messages and little hidden things (didn't find Maze Cat :(, but did bark at some ducks!). My only two gripes are faster dog speed, and wanting a longer game.

I liked the half block movement of the bull dogs. It helped me at least once from over pushing into a corner. Also liked Glitch Dog, even if it turned out to only be an aesthetic. Would love to see a longer more fleshed out game in the future, but as someone who has zero game-making skill, I can only imagine how difficult that would be!

platformalist responds:

Hi LinkTheChain!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm so glad that you had fun playing Maze Dog! :)

Movement speed and the length of the game seem like common gripes, so you're not alone! Considering how many people seem to have enjoyed Maze Dog, I'm definitely considering a sequel, so you might see a longer, fleshed-out game in the future!

Nice to hear that you liked the half-block movement of the bulldogs. In hindsight, I'd probably opt for a smooth-scroll style with a grid-lock once you stop pushing the block, but it's hard to imagine how well that would work, without actually sitting down and doing the legwork! It's always fun to hear how people interact differently with the same mechanics.

Thanks for playing! :D

the game was fun and challenging overall but the difficulty of some of the puzzles were super easy and could have been much harder with more mechanics, but with the story (if there even is one) was that of a fetch quest, the game is super short and could have been much longer with some off the areas like the labyrinth, I never got stuck once which made me actually have a good time. The music was kind of bland for an 8-bit game and could have used some more notes and have a cooler melody for the labyrinth area or the storm room. The bulldog mechanics I did not like because of the half steps they take when moving and that made it inconvenient when it came to moving them in certain areas. The snacks should have given an award for collecting all of them and also achievements would have been nice to have. Overall 4/5: Good game, but could be better.

platformalist responds:

Hi angrivator!

Thanks for the feedback! I hadn't thought of including separate music for Maze Castle - it would have been fun to make area-specific music, for sure. I originally had included ocean-sounds for areas where you find yourself near a body of water, but they were a little intrusive, especially once I had added the option to play music. A lot of players seem to be fine with the difficulty, so I'm glad that you found it enjoyable, but I definitely agree that the bulldog-mechanic wasn't as tight as it could have been.

Objects which can be pushed are a bit of a unique challenge, since you need them to lock into a grid if they have to be pushed through corridors, but if they're too touchy or easy to push around, then puzzles can become more frustrating than necessary. In hindsight, I'd give the bulldogs a little more weight, and require more of a starting push to get them moving.

Thanks again for playing! :)

Cute and inventive. Think the best way to improve this would be to add a run button as the dog seems to spend too much time trundling about to either get to, or leave a goal- or maybe I'm just too impatient...

platformalist responds:

Hi KrunchyFriedGames!

Thanks for the feedback! It seems to be the consensus that a run-button and option to toggle Maze Dog's walking sound would have been smart additions. I mentioned it to another player - if I ever make another Maze Dog game, I'll be sure to add a skateboard. :P Thanks for playing!

Cute. Found all the snacks (and birds) in just over half an hour (forgot to pick up the bird in the hidden area and spent a while looking for the sixth bird :/).

The puzzles were satisfying but not very difficult- I think the only time I messed up and had to reset was on one of the last few puzzles in the castle. What sort of turned me off was the amount of backtracking I had to do. Keep in mind that I did the first parts "out of order" by traveling to the storm before going down to pick up the birds in the left area and (of course) wandered around a lot looking for the sixth bird. Even then, some moments stood out as unnecessary, like paths with random curves or protrusions that made them longer to walk. The worst offender was probably the second and third paths in the castle. "Come back here after you've done the third path!" Was it very long to walk? No, but it did mean unnecessary walking.

Some of the parts of the game that stood out to me the most- the ducks, seeing the storm and the lightpost for the first time, the glitch dog- revolved around neat scenery elements, and I would love to see more of those to lessen more of the tedium and encourage exploration.

platformalist responds:

Hi nighthawk10101!

Thanks for the detailed feedback! :)

In hindsight, a run-button would have probably been a good idea, as I'm seeing a bit of feedback on the amount of walking required. My kneejerk assumption was that a world feels larger if it takes longer to traverse, but I should have just bit the bullet and made traversal a little quicker. If I ever make another Maze Dog game, Maze Dog will definitely be able to ride a skateboard.

The backtracking on the second and third paths in Maze Castle was definitely unnecessary, looking back on everything. Before playtesting, the statues in Maze Castle Lobby each had a handful of cryptic statements, so it wasn't clear what order the maze should be traversed, and a lot of players took Path 4 first, walking down the long hallway to find that it was blocked. I managed to save most players from that tedium by revising the signposting in the lobby, but alas, I should have adjusted the backtracking in that puzzle. :P

Glad that you liked the ducks - seems like they were a highlight for some people! Atmospheric elements are often less difficult to add than challenging elements, and I'm finding more and more that they are almost exactly as important.

Thanks again for the feedback, and I'm glad that you enjoyed playing it! :)