Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - Brain Drain"

I really like the Zombie Society series . Keep up the good work!

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, glad you're having fun!

Excellent episode in the most excellent series of adventure games.

The plot, the characters, the world, the puzzles and the game's interface are all superb, as always in Zombie Society games.

This episode was relatively easy and I got the case right and all clues from the first attempt - but it was still very fun. This episode is very integral to the main Zombie Society story line, it has many recurring characters and also shows how Margh met for first time at least three very important characters from the Zombie society: Death after Death, the main 3-part game in this series so far. I really like how Muja makes all the episodes blend together, while each being a decent detective case on it's own. In this episode it helps if the player has played the Zombie Society: Death after Death before because then it's pretty much clear which of the two possible solutions is the right one.

A continuity error in this game is that One-Eye lacks his flower garland, he wouldn't survive without it, but I will pretend that maybe he has some fragrance extracted from these flowers or whatever to not have to reduce my score for this nice game because of this continuity error, I just hope Muja will be more careful with such details in future. The fans love consistency, logic and continuity!

This episode answers a major question I had about ZS world - what has happened to the animals? As the first episode in the series to feature animals, it answers this question and it's nice to see that animals are unaffected by Zombie plague.

The month has just started, but I already know I will be voting for this as one of my ten picks for monthly submission, very likely in top 3, all Muja's Zombie Society games are superb, I am waiting for next free episode and for the big commercial game, keep up the good work, Muja!

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your nice and detailed review, I'll answer to your questions in order:

- I like to maintain a cohesive feeling when writing stories in the same continuity, and I'm always glad when I find a fan that has also read my comics series in addition to playing the games; but...

- ... I've decided to retcon the flowers collar thing; the retcon will be explained in the big desktop game that I'll release on Februrary, where one of the four cases will tell the story in "Death after Death" with a few changes. At the moment I can still confirm that One-Eye is hiding his brain from zombies in some way ;)

- I can also confirm that animals are not affected by the zombie plague in any way (good for them! :D)

Thank you a lot once again, and I hope you'll like what I have in store for the future, too :)

I love the way that you start to incorporate comic characters in a game plot, and how you present the villains in each one of them

Muja responds:

Thank you, and I love your kind review! :)

Great game!

-----All medals-----
A new riddle: When the case start, you will gain it.

Detective's intuition: Say "In all honesty, yes." to answer Zombino's question.

When you meet Sewer Awk, he will make the deal with you: If you accept, you will gain achievement "Free for a hint". If you reject the deal, you will gain achievement "No deal!"

Case closed: When you solved the case, you will gain it.

Max Score: You found out all clues and make the good deaduction

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, and perfect guide!

When I noticed this came out, I became so bloody excited. I love these series. Keep up the good work!

Muja responds:

Ahah thank you, I love your enthusiasm!