Reviews for "ZS Dead Detective - Brain Drain"

haha. Lurr looks like Bobby from Supernatural. This series just gets better. SO FUNNY.

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot for your nice review!

Another great game from this excellent series. Keep doing more of the same please.

Muja responds:

Thank you, I will!

Not really my kind of game, but can see its been made with detail and skill.

not gonna lie, just spent most of today playing most of your games. i had a brainin' blast! great humor, funny dialogue, puzzle that made me think and kept my interest.. pretty much everything I like in these kinds of games

keep up the great work

Muja responds:

First of all, congratulations on being my review number 1.000 on one of my games!! :D
Thank you, I'm really glad you like my games that much... Then you'll be happy to know that a new game will be online tomorrow!
It'll be titled "A cat's chance in hell", hope you'll like it! :)

This is probably one of the most fun point and click I've played in while. I was so surprised you could come to more than one deduction, and I thought that was awesome. I got max score on the first try, but it was all logical and a lot of fun! I replayed it to get the rest of the medals, and to see what would happen if I came to the wrong deduction, and at first I was disappointed that they accepted it, but was happy when I saw the ending cut scene again. The story was great, and I can't wait to play the whole series, and when the game comes out on steam.

Muja responds:

Thank you a lot, I'm very glad you had that much fun!
If you haven't already played them, there are a bunch of other Dead Detective episodes here on Newgrounds.. search my profile to find them all :)