Reviews for "Znake"

The game concept could be good, but as far as the "game" goes right now (if you can call it a game), the only option is to explode. There are no little white dots to eat and grow bigger, there is only a single bomb. You explode upon going over it, and also explode upon running into the walls, but those are literally the only two things you can do in this "game". If it is fixed to have content, then I may rescind my review, but otherwise, I stand by my statements.

I must be doing something wrong, because I eat maybe 4 or 5 of whatever these things are and then I die. So, all in all, 5 seconds of life unless I don't grab things, in which case nothing happens forever. It looks, to me, to be completely broken. Props for the things that work, like cursor-tracking and sound effects, but that's it.
I am extremely confused as to why this was featured.

Dying is the point of this game? gg... Not.

WTF is this s**t?!? If i get those shits on the ground i DIE , if i touch the walls i DIE , and if i do nothing i get bored...

Nothing to do in the game...no point