Reviews for "Znake"

its an ok game however you should give a clear tutorial, objective or score and give people options for the game settings

it was an ok time killer but nothing really special i guess it could be fun for those looking to have a small challenging game but it's not for me, but i hope you can learn from the making of this game and hopefully make something a bit more in depth.

Not much here, missing instructions, and buggy. I died a few times before I realized you have to keep moving to avoid the red things. If you die by hitting the walls the next game starts you outside the walls meaning you have to die again. Finally, it seems like I die after collecting a handful of fruits no matter what I do. I think it might be good with these things fixed, but at the moment I don't find it fun.

I'm so god damn confused on what to do.

StuffedWombat responds:

its like snake, only controlled by the mouse.
you must eat fruit, grow longer and eventually you run into either a wall, or your own red tail and then you die die die a horrible screeching death like a thousand rabbits with vocal cords trapped in a box with a very irritated and almost poisoned schroedingers cat.

This game badly needs a score showing how many pears are collected, also needs to remember player's best score and show it too. After that the next step would be public high scores like for all endless score grinding games.

And also needs a bigger game area screen for longer game, but maybe with some walls and obstacles and more variety.

What it is now is just a basic engine for a game, needs a lot of stuff added.