Reviews for "Znake"

Really fun! But I wish it kept score or time or something like that

StuffedWombat responds:

me too, sadly there was no time :(

Fun and new: but it would be so much greater with a score system, to make it competitive and addictive.

Nice game but it needs some sort of instructions that explain the game a bit more briefly that you should collect the items not touch the sides and not let the red orbs of the snake to touch the main orb. Also a score counter would be nice. Keep up the work!

Fun but a bit confusing at the start. A little info would've helped with understanding the game but all in all cool concept and had a fun time!

It's pretty self-explanatory and kinda addictive; but, meh, it's not a big deal.
In fact, I had a couple of fun minutes with this game, but after a while it gets boring.