Reviews for "Znake"

Wow! Very adrenaline-rushing! The "Keep Running" factor makes the game really challenging, which I like!

Just for the record: I immediately and intuitively understood the mechanics of the game (Hint: The end of the snake is red for a reason...). The concept of the game is good (and new!), but something is missing... maybe some challenges, power-ups or suchlike?

It's quickly boring I'd say try a bit harder.

bigger space would be nice, no problems with anything else.

for the people going "there is nothing to do, i hit the wall i die i eat the stuff i die i sit still i get bored", you are supposed to eat the green things and move your mouse constantly above a certain speed. if you are eating the things and dying and you dont know why, its because your tail (red) is growing but you are moving so slow your head covers it and you die instantly.

Fun but a bit confusing at the start. A little info would've helped with understanding the game but all in all cool concept and had a fun time!