Reviews for "Znake"


Hey Wombat,

Nice idea as always but the challenge is a bit too much here. The tail of the snake starts burning a bit oo fast. I mean I can get to around 25 apples with some luck but rarely does a round last more than 10 seconds.

TLDR: gets too hard too fast.

Oh well, I wish you a Happy Helloween!

Wow! Very adrenaline-rushing! The "Keep Running" factor makes the game really challenging, which I like!

Needs explaining. Alot of it.
'cause in normal snake you do not die from eating.
Update: Write THIS On your Description:
"In order to survive, move FASTER around the screen."
Seriously, such a good project almost killed by lack of explanation.

Just for the record: I immediately and intuitively understood the mechanics of the game (Hint: The end of the snake is red for a reason...). The concept of the game is good (and new!), but something is missing... maybe some challenges, power-ups or suchlike?