Reviews for "Znake"

Fun but a bit confusing at the start. A little info would've helped with understanding the game but all in all cool concept and had a fun time!

why icant go back?????

Pretty fun game with simple mechanics that I don't get why people don't understand. It definitely needs a score counter since there's no real motivation to get many bombs when you don't know what "many bombs" means.

Nice game but it needs some sort of instructions that explain the game a bit more briefly that you should collect the items not touch the sides and not let the red orbs of the snake to touch the main orb. Also a score counter would be nice. Keep up the work!

So I'm rating this as a 3 It seems very FUN and a COOL idea, but I feel that it needs to be self explanatory. I don't think its a good thing to have the player confused out the gate. Also a high score with this type of game may make it more appealing. The red starts off too fast. Still great game.