Reviews for "Znake"

I'm so god damn confused on what to do.

StuffedWombat responds:

its like snake, only controlled by the mouse.
you must eat fruit, grow longer and eventually you run into either a wall, or your own red tail and then you die die die a horrible screeching death like a thousand rabbits with vocal cords trapped in a box with a very irritated and almost poisoned schroedingers cat.

Hey Wombat,

Nice idea as always but the challenge is a bit too much here. The tail of the snake starts burning a bit oo fast. I mean I can get to around 25 apples with some luck but rarely does a round last more than 10 seconds.

TLDR: gets too hard too fast.

Oh well, I wish you a Happy Helloween!

its amazing i love it

The idea is good, but it feels very unfinished. This is more of a tech demo.
I know it's a bit rushed, but it at least could have used a score screen at the end.
If this input is going to be used in a bigger game someday I suggest having the pickups spawn a minimum distance away from any part of the snake.
Anyway, happy birthday and good luck with your bigger project.

The game concept could be good, but as far as the "game" goes right now (if you can call it a game), the only option is to explode. There are no little white dots to eat and grow bigger, there is only a single bomb. You explode upon going over it, and also explode upon running into the walls, but those are literally the only two things you can do in this "game". If it is fixed to have content, then I may rescind my review, but otherwise, I stand by my statements.