Reviews for "Znake"

it was an ok time killer but nothing really special i guess it could be fun for those looking to have a small challenging game but it's not for me, but i hope you can learn from the making of this game and hopefully make something a bit more in depth.

its an ok game however you should give a clear tutorial, objective or score and give people options for the game settings

That really worth 5 stars.
Simple and very interesting idea.

love the difference of having to use the mouse and have the snake turn into a zombie while you eat. if you could possibly turn down the generation of becoming a zombie since you have to be like Manny Pacquiao to be faster than the zombified part of the snake. but really fun and challenging!

Really fun! But I wish it kept score or time or something like that

StuffedWombat responds:

me too, sadly there was no time :(