Reviews for "Znake"

Fun and new: but it would be so much greater with a score system, to make it competitive and addictive.

The game shouldn't have been featured, there's no goal, and when you eat a certain amount of the things you die, if you touch the walls you die, if you do nothing you get bored, there's no way to get any fun out of this game, it needs to be fixed, or it needs to have an explanation, otherwise it isn't even a game, it's a short interactive gif.

Just for the record: I immediately and intuitively understood the mechanics of the game (Hint: The end of the snake is red for a reason...). The concept of the game is good (and new!), but something is missing... maybe some challenges, power-ups or suchlike?

Needs explaining. Alot of it.
'cause in normal snake you do not die from eating.
Update: Write THIS On your Description:
"In order to survive, move FASTER around the screen."
Seriously, such a good project almost killed by lack of explanation.

Wow! Very adrenaline-rushing! The "Keep Running" factor makes the game really challenging, which I like!