Reviews for "Znake"

I think it was a great time waster. It's an interesting concept, and I definitely agree that there should be highscores, leaderboards, etc. That'd make this a lot more competitive and addicting, for sure. More play space would be nice, as well. Good job, mate!

bigger space would be nice, no problems with anything else.

for the people going "there is nothing to do, i hit the wall i die i eat the stuff i die i sit still i get bored", you are supposed to eat the green things and move your mouse constantly above a certain speed. if you are eating the things and dying and you dont know why, its because your tail (red) is growing but you are moving so slow your head covers it and you die instantly.

Nothing to do in the game...no point

Not sure what some people were expecting. It's literally just a different version of snake. Which snake is a game...this is a game. There doesn't need to be much explanation. It's not different than if someone twisted tetris around and made it upside down instead of the regular way, still a game though. Although I didn't expect much from this it is a nice 5-10 minute time waster. Nothing special but it's still there. Some are demanding an explanation, story, timeframe of what's going on etc. etc. ....It's just snake....controlled by mouse input. There doesn't need to be anything major to it.


For the ones wondering the way to play the game, once the tail of the snake gets red you die by touching it. The effect should be slower tho...