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Reviews for "Madness: JAILBREAK"

Wasn't a single bad/lacking one, amazing!

Overall an awesome colab.

Also nice not-so-subtle references to payday 2

As a long time fan of the madness series, this animation has truly reinvigorated my passion for this series. I probably stopped caring for these kinds of cartoons as many were more of the same, even with good smooth animation, but this one is different than the rest as it sets a different creative direction in the madness combat franchise.

This cartoon is full of personality, every prisoner feels unique in terms of personality and abilities, and I really liked the interaction between the guy who looks like Bane and the Black medium lengthed hair guy, I think Kreep DaskerKS animated that part. I found myself becoming fascinated and curious by the characters and wanting to know more about them individually, something I haven't felt while watching a madness cartoon in over 3 years.

Is there any prequel cartoons showcasing how all of these guys ended up in the nexus prison. or was prison generally just the theme for this collab? Anyhow, I loved it, great job to everyone involved, each animator worked cohesively to keep their individual parts smooth, and they also did a great job keeping up the flow of the plot!

Jsoull responds:

Thanks for your review! Originally there was going to be a prelude that showed how many of the Characters got jailed, but when the collab switched hands from Kenamii to me that idea got lost in the process.

Not bad. Nice done

Jsoull responds:

I love you Mr. Djjaner!

I saw the NO ESCAPE note on the wall at one point, and i noticed, that some letters were white and that spelled, NO APE. So i thought, Is there an Ape? HAHHA Great collab though!