Reviews for "Claire & James - "The Halloween Special""

Dis shit 2 cute

A flawless execution. Voice acting, the simplistic yet remarkable art, and the smooth animations took it away for me. The monthly's are coming soon, and this one will most likely be on my list. Great job! I'll be sure to look forward to your next episode.

the animation style is super cool and this video is funny

claire is a thicc mami, great animation.

A lot of this came across as some kind of shot at people who make fun of you and your girlfriend. The sound design (if you can call it that) came across as rushed and non-existent, which made it awkward. The animation was clearly rushed, and is no different then the rest of your other cartoons, which are literally just a couple frames with a bunch of lip sync. The voice acting was average at best, and at worst made me want to skip through the short. Qq my guy