Reviews for "Claire & James - "The Halloween Special""

why does the art look like just how it did almost 2 years ago? why is james bear NOT voiced by james bear and instead is voiced by someone who sounds just like james bear? why is james so small? why is james ashamed of being cute? why is james telling a cat to go inside considered cute? how come you animate lip sync on 3's and 4's? why did you draw half of clarissa's ass in so many shots? how did the trick or treaters get so scared by clarissa just saying "leave him alone" with angry eyes? is it a coincidence that ever since clarissa turned 18 you've been adding in a lot of seriously perverted drawings of her in your cartoons? did you realize that if you did this when she was 17 you would've looked like a child predator? why is the only good thing about this cartoon the music? why is the audio editing so bland with some actions having sound effects and some shots not? why is there barely any background noise at all? why? WHY?!?!?

find out all theses answers and more, on the next epic episode of JAMES BEAR!!!!!!!!!

A flawless execution. Voice acting, the simplistic yet remarkable art, and the smooth animations took it away for me. The monthly's are coming soon, and this one will most likely be on my list. Great job! I'll be sure to look forward to your next episode.

James Baxter would love this.

Dis shit 2 cute