Reviews for "Underground Digger"

supa' dupa' great game! :D

When I first saw this game I thought it will be either a ripoff or an improved version of Motherload, another very good drilling game with similar mechanics that can be found on newgrounds. However this is a game with very different gameplay despite similar mechanics. For anyone liking this drilling mechanics I suggest trying Motherload which is a bigger and more complex game, but not as fast paced.

The good thing about this game is medals. Having achievements is crucial to the unending kind of score grinding (no pun intended) gameplay, to have players have a goal and keep playing. The max achievement of 200 meters is very well calibrated, because it is difficult to achieve but not impossible.

Music, sounds, graphics are okay.

Things to improve:

- Most important thing to improve is to increase the screen vertically. As it is now player can't see the bottom of a hole that is made with a bomb blast, so it is always a leap of faith, and there can be lava down there. The screen must be high enough for player to see bottom of he blasted hole and aim his fall or use another bomb. This is a major issue that costs at least half a star in my rating.A

- A more minor issue is with lave spreading over items. While lave seemingly doesn't consume drills and bombs it can destroy the miner if it stands on the other side of an item, which is counter-intuitive. Either lava should just consume items too or not spread over them.

On overall a fun game

I think I've played it for about 10-25 times now.
Lava can be behind a 'drillpower block, then grew a square biger, next to me killing me at 180m... Which is my highscore for quite a while now. It also happened later at 56m.

If you want to increase re-playability you could think aboubt this and more:

Upgrading to see downward:
- see more blocks (down) to plan.
- Or sideways to have a better idea how to get around.
- Slowing down the lava expantion/"growth".
- More maximum bombs?

i was expecting an actual digger & upgrade game, not just a "let's outrun the lava as fast as we bloody well can." on the other hand, it's an interesting concept. i'd say that it needs some refinement: perhaps an money and upgrade system that makes it easier to start progressing deeper, and perhaps a little less random in general as it's easy to get trapped pretty much anywhere from the get-go.

i have no idea what this lag issue is that people are talking about. my computer is old enough that it's usually the first to start suffering from lag and freeze issues, but it's working just fine for me, so go figure.

on the other hand, i gotta say that the background music, while catchy at first, is not something one can listen to for very long. on the contrary, whether it's grating overload of synthetic instruments--sawtooth, polysynth, atmosphere, etc--or simply the sheer cheesiness of it all, the option of the mute button is all too necessary. it's not a variety issue. it's not really a matter of good or bad writing either. it's just a matter of tact: it just doesn't work all that well together overall.

anyway, not a bad presentation, but there's definitely room for improvement.

Depends on your lag how far you get.

The more lag, the faster the lava expands even if it takes you forever to clear one dirt clog. Basically the lava isn't taking into consideration your lag, so it'll keep expanding at the same rate, even if your digger is slowed to a crawl.

When my browser was very laggy I was getting around in the 50s. Now that it's not lagging so much after a browser update I'm getting around in the 100s. I imagine to get the 150 or 200 medal requires even less lag.

Reminds me of some of the badly-coded games of the past, where the timer was realtime even if it wasn't physically possible to do on slower machines. Any timing function (in this case lava expansion rate) should be tied to the actual rate you can move, not tied to realtime.

It makes it not possible to do if your computer is too fast/slow. There actually exists at least one DOS game which cannot work on a computer slower than a certain amount (because one level becomes impossible in that scenario), nor can it work on a computer faster than a certain amount (because a different level then becomes impossible). That isn't the kind of coding style you want to emulate.

The only thing lag should do is slow everything down annoyingly, not make games literally impossible due to badly-coded timings.