Reviews for "Aground"

Have to be honest, the beginning wasn't really enticing so I stopped after having made the store house. No sense of excitement or discovery. No reasoning behind the characters and why they are there. The story doesn't have to be incredible, just believable and supportive. Right of the pat you have a random guy with you in the hut. No explanations, then a miner emerges. Everything just falling to the lap. Nothing thrilling, no fun in a game like this, for me.


how do you mute game

not loading for me

I love this kind of pixelated game. But this game besides I can not use the keys that the game gives back, that is my computer's problem not of the game, the game is slow (in relaxation the speed of the character, not the leg) and I do not think where to play in the son, and nothing that looks like settings or adjustments, and me did not last for half an hour in the game, I won the stone pick, but when I use it there is no guess and I can not even get one when the screen goes down signaling that I must have equipped because a pick-up figure appears at the bottom of the screen, but clicking on the hope that you can use the pick picks up a list of pickaxes and nothing appears, just none. I wanted to at least use the pick ...