Reviews for "Aground"

This is a decent little Terraria clone and a fun way to spend a couple hours. I think the menus could be cleaned up a little bit and there are several items in the game that seem to do absolutely nothing like quartz or the endurance potion.

A Day/Night cycle, more types of ore, more enemies, and different kinds of music could make this a lot more worthwhile.

davidmaletz responds:

Items like quartz will be usable on the second island (turned into silicon). Endurance potions actually do have a use - they permanently lower the stamina cost for movement, but it is pretty subtle.

We are already planning a day/night cycle, more items, enemies, and music in future updates!

This is a really simple and easey game. Anyone can get into it. I really liked the idea of NPCs helping out.

Fun game but its missing challenge, its too easy.

The survival aspect & building up a village among quests is great, but there's no space for creativity or self structure. Its built based on blueprints devs made, that'd be fine if there was an actual survival challenge or threats.

I was impressed at how fun this got. Okay, I didn't like it nearly as much as most people, but it was still fun. The best part was probably how you gradually understood it. There were a lot of minor things going on. Luckily, it didn't get too confusing.

It was weird how I didn't get the medals in chronological order like I do most of the time. Maybe I was playing it wrong? It was still quite fun. I like building my own living area.

good idea, but all moves sooo slow, and its so annoying cause you have to run a lot in this kind of games.