Reviews for "Aground"

gets really difficult to target buildings with rats or villagers standing in front of them. that lady will not stop standing over the entrance to the hut and ive almost died like 2x from it cus i cant rest lol
also its basically impossible to target the rats while they are near buildings or villagers for the same reasons. maybe think about adding another button or allowing certain targets to take priority? this is a fun game and i have few complaints but it gets crowded pretty quickly so targeting is important
only other thing right now is the carrying capacity - when we harvest a resource it shouldnt just disappear if our inventory is full, especially with things like steel or gold. i almost restarted the game while trying to build the hut because i couldnt carry enough wood and hadnt figured out how to drop stuff yet. if the issue is that items laying around cause lag, then we should get a prompt that either says our inventory is full before we start hacking away or that offers to let us drop things so that we can pick it up before its gone
im not done playing yet but i might message yall some more notes soon

Loved the game but were some issues I've found in the game. Metals are not showing up after completing the task for example build boat and build dock. Also annoyed that the coin limit is 9999. Started making steel bars to sell for fun and saw that that was the max so wasted 10000 or so until i noticed it. Some issues like that but really liked the game and can't wait to see the expansion.

davidmaletz responds:

Medals will re-submit every time you refresh the game page. Some users have said they just take time to show up, and appear unlocked later with the correct date (Aground uses the new Beta HTML5 medal API).

The coin limit is because only 9999 fits in that location. I might shrink the font or give it more space... but what do you need more than 10k gold for when the most expensive item is 1k? The best fix for this would be to not let you sell things when you hit the max.

Enjoyable for sure, not tedious.

"Rockslayer", "Mmm, Pizza", and "Setting Sail" achievements won't unlock for some reason.. but the others will.

It's a fun game, but for whatever reason all my previous saves are lost everytime although I'm logged on. Any solutions?

davidmaletz responds:

You could try the new cloud saves feature (1.0.11), or import/export saves manually. Local saves depend on your browser's local storage, and can be lost.

I am loving this game, it is much better than what I expected when I was turning it on. The art is simple and nice, gameplay is great but sometimes I do not know how to continue the story.
One question tho: After I turned the dragon to my side and clicked enrage, is there any way to calm him down? or I fucked myself over and there is no way to get back further east

davidmaletz responds:

There is no way to un-enrage the dragon (without loading), but you aren't stuck. If you defeat the dragon, you'll be able to raise another adult dragon you can fly.