Reviews for "Aground"

Actually a pretty cute little game, not too difficult and a nice way to spend some time...
However, the reason why I took some points off, is because the achievements seem to be kinda bugged. Even after defeating a wyrm ingame, buying the super pack, finding a diamond or cooking pizza, I didn't get the achievements/achievements points (there are more that I didn't get but I didn't want to list them all)
I even finished the game and didn't get the achievement for building a dock. And after spending so much time to get all those achievements (which showed up in game), it's frustrating to know they didn't actually get added to my scoreboard.

Nevertheless, the game itself is nice^^

davidmaletz responds:

There was probably a hiccup communicating with newgrounds. It'll try to resubmit the medals every time you reload the game page as long as they show up in game, so try refreshing and see if your medals appear!

Fun! I enjoyed the process of building up the island and discovering what everything did. A couple of things bothered me; the prompt to attack rats and boars in the base area became frustrating when those enemies were right next to an NPC or building, so if I wanted to attack a rat I would instead enter a building menu or talk to an NPC. Also, it was unclear whether or not certain potions were temporary or permanent, specifically the health and stamina potions. I was also unsure as to what the Endurance Potion did.
Otherwise this was a really fun game that ate away my Saturday morning. Good job!

davidmaletz responds:

You can equip and unequip weapons in the inventory (or with a hotkey) to force the Z key to always attack with that weapon instead of accessing buildings or talking to NPCs. I'm also making buildings on the surface accessible with UP for an update coming tomorrow to keep Z from being too heavily overloaded.

All potions that require dragonblood are permanent. The endurance potion permanently reduces the stamina cost of walking - which can be useful if you're flying around at high speed from speed potions.

I wasn't expecting this to be my type of game, but I really got hooked on it very quickly. Highly enjoyable. Unfortunately, the Setting Sail medal never unlocked for me after building the boat, even after reloading the page and the game. Also, where do I find cocoons?

davidmaletz responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! The setting sail medal is unlocked on your profile, maybe it just took some time for Newgrounds to add it?

Cocoons are created in the Wyrm Pen - you'll need to complete the Alchemist's second quest to get it.

This is the first good game i ve payed in a while. can't wait for the expansion!

A great little game.