Reviews for "Aground"

This is the first good game i ve payed in a while. can't wait for the expansion!

Loved the game but were some issues I've found in the game. Metals are not showing up after completing the task for example build boat and build dock. Also annoyed that the coin limit is 9999. Started making steel bars to sell for fun and saw that that was the max so wasted 10000 or so until i noticed it. Some issues like that but really liked the game and can't wait to see the expansion.

davidmaletz responds:

Medals will re-submit every time you refresh the game page. Some users have said they just take time to show up, and appear unlocked later with the correct date (Aground uses the new Beta HTML5 medal API).

The coin limit is because only 9999 fits in that location. I might shrink the font or give it more space... but what do you need more than 10k gold for when the most expensive item is 1k? The best fix for this would be to not let you sell things when you hit the max.

Aground is a pixelated game that is similar to Minecraft, where the main focus is to craft things. However, it is more focused on a goal rather than just endless world exploring. Though you can choose to focus on the objectives, there are few secret achievements you can earn by exploring.
It's nothing too hard and can only take a few hours to beat but it was still nonetheless a good time waster game. It's art isn't anything too special but it is better than most pixel art games.

Overall, I recommend this game if you want something to keep you busy or need some time to waste

At first this game seemed like it would be just another Minecraft rip off, but i found lots of the new game mechanics very enjoyable. However, some of the mechanics seemed very tedious and took away some from my enjoyment such as the stamina bar being drained by every movement. Although I guess it could be argued that it is drained so quickly to encourage leveling up, I didn't like.

All in all, Great game and I find myself coming back to my favorites to play it very often.

i love this game with the collecting but for five stars could you make monsters move away when you rest in the hut