Reviews for "Aground"

Very nice game.

This game is just like if Terraria and Minecraft had a baby. The art is pleasing to look at, and the amount of content in the game doesn't feel like a burden; it feels like a dream. The game plays well, and the only thing holding it back from 5 stars in my book is the sub-par battle mechanics.

Amazing game. The rain at the start was annoying because it was a 1 second loop that didn't flow well. The pixel art is good.

I love this game! looking forward to it

i love this game so much but why do all of my brand new saves say they are incomplete? even when the game hasnt updated?

davidmaletz responds:

Oh, that's a bug - it's failing to load two items and so it thinks the save is incomplete, but those two items shouldn't have been there anyways. I'll fix it!