Reviews for "Aground"

I enjoyed playing this. :)
though the walking controls are a little.....
For instance, it was really hard to get him to walk the way I wanted and to get him to stop.
other then that. great game.

davidmaletz responds:

I think you're noticing the per-tile movement instead of per-pixel movement. You can't currently stop in the middle of a tile. This makes it easier for digging, but not as nice for combat, so I've been considering switching to per-pixel movement, and have a discussion topic about this here: https://www.reddit.com/r/aground/comments/76ku8k/per_pixel_movement_and_attacks/

Very well rounded adventure/survival game with nice graphics and amazingly fun and addictive game play.

An excellent game, i'm having fun with it. there's always something to do... unfortunately i have to do it over and over again. I have a cloud account but i cant get the game to save to it. here or on kongregate. when i sleep in the hut it says game saved, but even then it doesn't appear until i go back to the title screen and sync the save. Even when I do that, when I move away from the page, everything vanishes.

davidmaletz responds:

You can always manually import/export saves with the options menu on the title page. When you click sync saves on the title page, does it say all saves synced?

Amazing, this game is really fum but i wish you would work on the building system and let us have more floors and maybe stairs to go above enemies and not have to deal with underground enemies, Just a thought! 4,5

limited storage and weight is pain