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Reviews for "Aground"

This game is addicting, however I do have one question. How do you equip armor? :c

davidmaletz responds:

The game automatically equips the best weapons/armor/etc in your inventory. If you open your inventory, you can see icons of what is equipped and the corresponding attack/defense/cut and mine skills granted in the panel in the lower right (this panel also has numerical health and stamina, which is nice for figuring out how much you have to eat).

Manually equipping weapons in the inventory is not required to attack with the best weapon, but has two purposes:
1) This allows you to equip weapons that aren't automatically selected - like the Bow.
2) It also lets you continually attack with the weapon without accidentally talking to NPCs or accessing structures.

i enjoyed every last second playing this, and the music was top notch, even if it repeated over and over again xD. only took me a hour and 30 mins to max out all stats, and to get every achievement. i was really hoping there would be a boss somewhere at bedrock, but there was not, and for the people complaining about the difficulty of this game, if it was any easier, i probably wouldn't enjoy it. the game gets 10X easier the second you get the steel pickaxe, 4 speed upgrades, and 4 endurance upgrades, everything else ain't even needed. I really got sad when i finally made the boat, and started sailing to find out i just beat the game... amazing game 10/10

Five minutes into it and it's fabulous! A free castaway game! Gosh! I've wished that so much when "The Sims Castaway" was launched for mobile a GOOD amount of years ago (and it was expensive, wth).
So great work! I love it!

This game is so good that I can't even believe it's free... no words to describe that Bootful Thing!

love this game