Reviews for "Aground"

So much fun! Got lost in good times and really passed the time by! If you enjoy crafting, scaving this is definitely for you! Cannot wait for the next big update!

I got so addicted to this game that my parents took my PC away. It's pretty fun for sure.

I've gotten to the magic island, but I'm wondering how to fly the dragon around at the island.
Also, what is the earth gem used for?

One of the best

One of the best games I've played in a long time. In a few years I expect this to be at the top of the classics page. I highly recommend buying the full version on steam or the devs' page, or at least try rate it high here on Newgrounds. Or do both, and thank you Aground devs, for this amazing game.

davidmaletz responds:

Thank you - I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Comments like this really help to keep us motivated and continue to improve the game!