Reviews for "Aground"

This is very good! i love the simplistic design fast paced yet even out game play and the music is very calming yet motivating and it makes it even better that there is so much to explore and so many new people to meet love it

The site is not giving me 9 of the medals.

How do I change the camera? It's just that I left it in a bad position.

davidmaletz responds:

Equip a pick axe (any) to change the camera back down.

good game

this game is really amazing, though i killed the golem TWICE but i didnt get the achievement. another thing, im not that far in the game so i dont know if this IS a thing but you should add a feature where you can build something that can make any item invincible (by tools in the game not armor, shield ect.) so yeah this is my review thanks for reading!