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Reviews for "Aground"

hey, good game pal, as a fan of survival games, the concept itself got me from the begining, while in the other hand, i cannot ignore some little details as gamer on aground, but i will start with the good things in order to finish with some advices

the "+" facts:

+maybe the survival concept is not the most original thing in gaming history, but when it is well done, it shines, aground takes many things that make minecraft a good game and mixes it with a little rpg factor wich makes the game shine aside from minecraft

+a satisfying minning mechanic is always welcome, again, is not the most original concept since minecraft made it long ago, but i repeat, when it is well done, it shines

+a good sence of progression unlocking new possibilities based on different crafting tables to produce new products with the resources you gather during the gameplay and use them to get further and discover more and more to also make more and more

+i see a lot of potential on the game, this far the game is a litle too short, but as the description says, the game will be expanded based on the community recomendations and advices, based on this fact, i can say for sure that this game is going to be a good steam offer when finished

thats the good things i found on aground, now let's start with the things about it that could be polished

the "-" facts and some advices:

-the game is rpg, but it needs more of that to keep going, for now we have 2 "clases" wich are melee (sword) and ranged (bow and arrows) this is pretty standard, we have a character that is an alchemist so, why not a mage character that give away a staff and is willing to trade scrolls, teach magic spells and sell better mage equipment, even a miner class with expensive craftable bombs to mine faster and deal area damage

-give the player freedom on the building of the settlement should be in the list as well, the progression level is good, but it could be better if you give a little freedom to the player to customise his world instead of making an automated prosses, maybe one player preffer to have the smelting table and kitchen near of the storehouse and maybe another wants to have their tables stored in kinds, that would be a nice detail (and even make some underground bases, i'd like to see something like that)

-add bosses and some quest aside from the "bring me these materials" quests, something like "defeat (counter) (monster name) and i'll pay you" or "find (item name) on (place name) and i'll share some of my knowledge to you"

-finally, work on the AI, sometimes they accumulate on a building (like tha warehouse) and when i have to store something in it, i end up talking to an npc like 10 times in a row before i actually open the menu, why not make npc's stay away from buildings

that's all, the game is great as it is right now, but the concept has potential and if you work a little on its flaws, as i said before, it would be a sweet offer on steam, i'll be aware to not miss any update so i can enjoy the new features, see you and good luck with this and future projects ;)

Fantastic game. Very old school and fun! More please!

How do I get to the workshop. I canĀ“t find it. Plz help.

davidmaletz responds:

You have to build it. Do all the quests available, and eventually the Miner will give you the quest to build the workshop.

Its good. A fine and addictive idea, however the balancing is all over the place. Enemy spawnrate is way too high with no way to ignore them, they kill you way too easy and you can focus too many skillpoints on other things other than fighting and be stuck.

Sleeping doesn't regen your health (bad idea) and there is no continues, you go on from your last save. This isn't Super Metroid, i know that its to add tension to the idea that you HAVE to focus on survival but if you make a game in which dying is so easy if you dont try your best to avoid it you have to add measures to make sure the player doesn't feel like if he's stuck in a unwinnable scenario or if its just not worth to keep trying to play.