Reviews for "Aground"

I got pretty far then died and it was game over. Didn't like that.

davidmaletz responds:

After dying, you can always load from the last time you saved. It saves the game every time you visit the hut, which is pretty common as it also restores your stamina. So, if you're visiting your hut often, you shouldn't lose much progress.

I enjoyed playing this. :)
though the walking controls are a little.....
For instance, it was really hard to get him to walk the way I wanted and to get him to stop.
other then that. great game.

davidmaletz responds:

I think you're noticing the per-tile movement instead of per-pixel movement. You can't currently stop in the middle of a tile. This makes it easier for digging, but not as nice for combat, so I've been considering switching to per-pixel movement, and have a discussion topic about this here: https://www.reddit.com/r/aground/comments/76ku8k/per_pixel_movement_and_attacks/

I love the game Its great. great art, music and very smooth.

good game quite long however there is a lack of plot and nothing is explained

davidmaletz responds:

We're definitely planning on adding more and expanding on the story/plot in the second island after sailing away. Feel free to join us on the subreddit for updates/announcements when we add more content!

Nice game, I'm enjoying playing. like the concept of going from side on layout above ground to overhead layout below ground, very good idea.