Reviews for "Aground"

good game quite long however there is a lack of plot and nothing is explained

davidmaletz responds:

We're definitely planning on adding more and expanding on the story/plot in the second island after sailing away. Feel free to join us on the subreddit for updates/announcements when we add more content!

Nice game, I'm enjoying playing. like the concept of going from side on layout above ground to overhead layout below ground, very good idea.

This game is really well made.

good art, good gameplay, just really nice in general.

Very nice game.

Really nice game, a sort of minecraft,
It is quite long, there are some flaws, like the really easy fights and after a while it becomes a bit boring because of a lack of content in the end game (sure, there are lot of stuff, but not really useful to end the game and not really interesting to collect).

davidmaletz responds:

At one point, we had planned to add a boss fight with a dragon before you left the first island. I think I should add that, and then let the rest of the enemies be easy once you've upgraded a bit until you get to the second island. Thanks for the feedback!