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Reviews for "Aground"

How can i activate the 2 giant golems under ground i thought i have to dig a big area around them but that didn't work. And i can't find the Mirrows. So please help!
-Oh and btw love the game very much very addictive.

Love it, but I can't seem to get the kitchen quest. I've already done a lot but the builder just won't give me the quest for the kitchen

davidmaletz responds:

The builder (if you didn't kill him at the start) will give you the kitchen quest after the farm is built.

Very versatile game! What makes it great is that it does not constrain you to particular duty- you free to decide which way to go, and what to do, or switch from one task to another. And especially your settlement friends actually doing work as well. I managed to find hidden cemetery where I got pumpkin seeds, jacko lantern, and killed firebreathing pig. I was wondering are jacko lanters do something or is it just a decoration that I can place on the ground just to look pretty? BTW I was kinda surprised for first survival management you did not have any mushrooms on the island. Technically you could implement various mushrooms in the game like berries - either poison, healing or cause some sort of temporary effects. It could add more possibilities for alchemist to make potions and magic. Perhaps to expand EAST, could give it options.
Also I dug up twin statue-robots (not giving away location to prevent spoilers). Can they be activated, or are its not implemented yet?
I found it super funny that somehow I manage to get milk from PIGS?? LOL! That's new!
Another portal that brings me to yellow stoneman cave, where they gang up on you. What is creepy is it changes every time you enter it!
For now I did not figure out what uranium and titanium materials could be used for. Perhaps there is technology that I did not find yet?
Suggestions -
-as above- add mushrooms to scavenging and alchemist abilities.
-more foods- watermelons?
-weather and time shall change. I loved the rain in the beginning, but that was it. Wish seasons change, affecting particular functions in the settlement. Maybe add winter, where snow makes you skid and walk slower.
-time of the day change- where day is normal, while at night it gets a bit dangerous, or some other wild animals come out which you could hunt. Extra dangers appear.
- settlement island need more space East before the mountain, since forest area end up to be very short when you research all 4 farms. I wish there would be wider field.
- the light torch is nearly useless. Perhaps you could make it needed when reaching deeper underground, where tourch light, and the later - oil lamp and then electric light come into research, making it longer lasting light while you mine deeper underground.
-deeper underground - making it harder to mine, with more dangers. Instead of limiting the underground with indestructible purple blocks, you could make mantel layer, where you cannot pass through lava.
-random ground fill-ups. As you progress in game- too many tunnels and holes appear in ground. Could be cool if they get filled up with lava or collapses.
-ability to enter under water? might be fun + technologies to survive longer under water.
Those are emidiate things that came to mind as I played. I'm aware the game has capability of being constantly expanded, so I am sure you can make use of those features!
Loved the effect when you meet characters during the play. I wish you tend to meet more new characters and have conversations. Loved the additional helpers/animals that follow you around and attack enemy. Wonder if rat does anything, or it juts runs around?
Great music, loved all of it. The dragon fight was very pumping and vicious. I really hope you implement season change - summer/ fall/ winter/ spring- where winter you occasionally get snow, summer- get rains and sun periodically. And music could change based on season.
Keep up the awesome project! Would love to see it expand with more awesome stuff!

davidmaletz responds:

Weather and time of day changes have been planned for a while - we're just hammering out the details of the changes in game (harder enemies at night, etc). Underwater has also been planned for a while, but that will probably come later. You can also fill in holes with the shovel. More items and foods are definitely on their way as well :P .

I'm glad you're enjoying the game, and we will be doing many more updates to the game with a lot of new cool features. I hope you're looking forward to the updates!

This game has A.I. that actually helps you!!!

Ummm where did my save data go??????

davidmaletz responds:

The saves are in your browser's local storage. If you use a different browser or computer (or were playing incognito), they won't be automatically transferred unless you were using Aground Cloud. Some programs and plugins (like CCleaner) periodically clear browser data too. If you didn't export the save from the title page options menu, and they aren't synced to your aground cloud account, then chances are the saves are gone.