Reviews for "Aground"

10/10 would pay for this. I could play this game for hours

davidmaletz responds:

If you want to pay for Aground, there's an early access version on Steam with expanded content: https://store.steampowered.com/app/876650/Aground/ *hint hint nudge nudge* XD

Played this game a couple/few months back, and remember being very pleasantly surprised with a gigantic, fully developed game (at least compared to what I usually saw on Newgrounds games). My favourite thing in terms of game design was how you would finish the first continent, and then you had two other continents to go explore with a variety of different things to offer, and different ways to play the game. Gave the game more depth, and more (worthwhile) playtime.

Good job, and look forward to seeing it when it is finished one day!

this is a pretty solid game actually

I like this game, it completely relaxed me.

wtf i im pro