Reviews for "Aground"

I had a lot of fun playing this, I hope more is coming out soon. I wasn't expecting finishing the boat to be the last thing

davidmaletz responds:

We're definitely planning on adding more! Also, you should load your slot (it saved right before you set sail) and explore a little more, as there's actually a second ending to the game.

This Game is the best and often has update.new content make game interesting up.

epic game!
it has improved since the last time i played!

Great game!Simple but very fun to play...I dont even get bored from it.I wait for new updates cuz i alredy done everything.Please if you can add in the next update some new lands and quests...Enjoy gaming :D !

Aground is a pixelated game that is similar to Minecraft, where the main focus is to craft things. However, it is more focused on a goal rather than just endless world exploring. Though you can choose to focus on the objectives, there are few secret achievements you can earn by exploring.
It's nothing too hard and can only take a few hours to beat but it was still nonetheless a good time waster game. It's art isn't anything too special but it is better than most pixel art games.

Overall, I recommend this game if you want something to keep you busy or need some time to waste