Reviews for "Aground"

Really liked this game, was a bit sad at the ending. Was really curious about where I would go when I took the ship. I didn't expect it to end. Since there where still other materials that I wasn't able to use anywhere, like diamond and quartz, so I expected that I would be after I docked.

Besides that, love the game. Great adventure game :D

davidmaletz responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and we definitely have plans for those materials and a second island (and more) in future updates. Follow the project for announcements, and feel free to send me any suggestions you have for the next island!

Really enjoyed this game. Lot more to it than I thought there would be.

Was disappointed when completed it, will be great to see what comes next.

Kept me entertained for about 2 hours. Could have taken longer doing things but I tend to blitz quests to move onto the next thing.

Intially stamina was a real pain in the backside, but as goes on it was a none issue and allowed me to focus on collecting and building. Not that I would remove the stamina, game would have been too easy without that constraint.

Excellent stuff!

I really liked the didactics of the game :)

Oh my god. This was just awesome!
I so badly want a full version of this! :D
The gameplay is now very linear and it has a very "demo-like" feel to it but that doesn't make it less good. Very interesting world with nice characters, a cute artstyle and music... I could go on and on and on... Keep up the good work!
Will we maybe see this on Steam someday? :)

davidmaletz responds:

I hope so - and we have lots of plans for improvements/updates/future islands!

I liked this game. It is a good length, you don't really spend any time grinding for the next portion of the game. I think the NPC trading system was implemented well, and progression was, for me, satisfying. In my opinion, there's a lot of potential for this game to have sequel installments with perhaps a little more story or widened scope in terms of progression (e.x. airplane?). My one complaint was that the wyrm food took a while for me to find, but since it was tied to a secret medal, I can't be too mad as that was probably the point.

davidmaletz responds:

We're definitely planning sequels/updates! Check out our subreddit for announcements (in game description).

And yeah... the wyrm food needs at least some in game hint.