Reviews for "Aground"

Addicting. Couple questions about items though (probably have been answered already) What purpose does titanium serve? I got it killing one of the golems. Diamonds should serve a purpose too. If you need any ideas then just rip them off of Minecraft. Otherwise, really enjoyed this game.

davidmaletz responds:

Titanium is more for the second island (and tech upgrades), it was added as a rare drop for the golems on a whim. Feel free to keep it or sell it, but it will eventually be useful. Same for quartz.

Diamonds will probably have uses with the Alchemist even on the first island (amulets, etc).

Super fun, I keep dying way earlier than I should cause I'm bad at paying attention to my health when I run out of stam xD I'll suddenly die and I'm like "wha- Oh damn it again _._"

davidmaletz responds:

I added a new system in 1.0.3 that auto-consumes health-restoring foods before dying, so if you keep a bunch of meat/omelettes or other items in your inventory, it'll eat it and show you a notification before you run out of food and die. But, hopefully you don't lose too much progress, as it saves every time you return to the hut.

good idea, but all moves sooo slow, and its so annoying cause you have to run a lot in this kind of games.

Awesome game! Really enjoyed it :) Though the medal system doesn't seem to work right. I completed the game and gained every achievement, but I only got 9 Newgrounds-Medals (still 9 after refreshing page). Hope you can fix this. Anyways, I loved it and hope to see the second episode soon :).

Excellent game, I would like if after you create Iron/ Steel weapons and equipment you could sell or move the stone weapons.
Again, excellent game!!