Reviews for "Aground"

Very fun, I love how you allowed players to access storehouse materials directly when cooking, forging etc - it makes the entire experience much more streamlined and enjoyable. Looking forward to more ocntent in future! A teleport option would be great as well but I can see how that may make the game too easy for some.

Great game! Kept me busy this entire afternoon :) I loved the combination of building with fulfilling quests and gaining levels, and it's also good that other survivors bring stuff to the storehouse so you don't have to micromanage everything (would've been nice though if the miner had brought ores other than coal occasionally). It was also nice to be able to buy some required materials on the market if I ran out of patience mining/farming the entire amount myself :)
My only complaint would be that the same keys are used for multiple actions. This made it uncomfortable to talk to someone when near a building, and at least once I bought a potion by mistake while fighting a wyrm over the alchemist's lab... I should say that otherwise the controls were quite comfortable, combining mouse and keyboard.

dont know how i feel about when your life gets too low its almost impossible to get more, so basically your stuck staying near hut otherwise your stamina drain will kill you anyway. needs to be more "noob friendly"


I have never left a review on this site, nor do i ever leave reviews elsewhere. That being said, this game captivated me and I was only let down by finishing it. Not in a way that left me dissatisfied, rather, hopeful for more content.