Reviews for "Aground"

Masterpiece. So good that I got upset when it ended. Please make a sequel. :)

such a great game it's easy to get behind, entertaining, a nice little story with good looking sprites that even have small animations like the man that eats meat in the hut and blinking. I like survival games so i appreciate that this isn't half assing it's survival aspect it has some pretty interesting mechanics and i like the different kind of creatures that roam the area and the things they do. The rats steal food from the storage if you let them and the boars attack you out of nowhere sometimes getting in some damage, the worms are a different creature where you need better tools to damage them. This would've been a 5 for me but there's somethings that can be fixed such as the companions getting the way of things you're tying to interact with like missions or tress you're trying to cut down and some times when you're attacking a creature it won't register the attack which is kind of annoying. However this was a well made game with some minor issues and I'm glad i played it. keep up the good work and keep making enjoyable games like this it was a good experience for me.

A nice game that ends as soon as you get on the boat, but not all medals are working. I got nearly all of them except for the golem, but only about half are displayed as achieved.

Like Terraria but NPCs have are doing something and you have a goal. It would be nice that the game doesn't end when you sail away, but that from there the new chapter begins where you have multiple islands to explore, more NPCs, bosses, more quests and more beasts to kill.
It really feels nice, but 2 hours is a little bit short for a build-and-explore type game.

davidmaletz responds:

We're definitely planning to add more! Feel free to follow us to keep track of updates, but sailing away isn't the final end for this game!

David, you outdid yourself on the one. I literally sat at this game for hours trying to beat all the secrets and beat the game. And the concept is just amazing. If I could I would rate this 7/5 but 5 is enough for now :)