Reviews for "Aground"

I loved this game! The art, game play, and plot are all great!

C'est un truc de fou ce jeu, même si c'est juste la version Flash vous pourrez déjà y passer pas mal d'heures les amis.
Promis vous allez pas le regretter du tout. Tout simplement GÉNIAL

Aron-Ato responds:

Salut! nous sommes heureux, vous avez aimé jouer. :) il y a beaucoup plus de contenu dans la version STEAM, si vous voulez continuer votre aventure!

veuillez pardonner toute erreur dans ma réponse, mes compétences en langue française sont faibles.
Et je n'ai pas beaucoup pratiqué :)

Such a good game! Good job!

Welp... The importing save option doesn't work. Sort of a game breaker that the game can't bring back my data which is suddenly gone even though I've been playing this almost every day for 2 weeks. Game breaker that completely kills the entire game when you play and suddenly the game data disappears. And I was almost at end game... I assume? I had mostly discovered almost the entirety of all three maps including most of the secret areas. It really hurts me that I lost that.

Other than that, the game is really great. Unlike a similar game like Minecraft, you're working towards an actual goal and there is actually a plot. I love this game, and I love how it shifts as you meet new characters and then shifts as you travel to new places. So many things make this game great that I don't think I could sit here for the next hour and list each one. This really isn't a hard game, you just have to know how to manage your resources and know when not to fight battles. The game is a great way to let people strategize and come up with ways to do different things easily. And even when you leave the first island and move to the other island, there are still times where you'll go back to the other island for certain things. I love this game and I definitely would love to see the full finished game done. For a demo, this is better developed than most actual games. There's plenty to do even when not engaged in plot, and you can keep yourself busy for a very long time.

The only reason this game doesn't get a full mark is because of the save system. Yes... I'm very salty about losing two weeks of work and not being able to get it back despite the fact I have a save I can import because I suspected I'd eventually lose my data due to cookies being replaced or deleted. That's just a dick move by the game for no real reason.

davidmaletz responds:

Do you mind sending me your exported .asav file? It should have no problem importing it - just drag and drop it in the game window or select options -> import save on the title page. If there's something wrong with the save file, I might be able to fix it.

Can't beat the mirrows with full dragon armor?
Git Gud Bro :D