Reviews for "Aground"

what fire gem does?
3 stars cause is a rpg game, addictive.

I was impressed at how fun this got. Okay, I didn't like it nearly as much as most people, but it was still fun. The best part was probably how you gradually understood it. There were a lot of minor things going on. Luckily, it didn't get too confusing.

It was weird how I didn't get the medals in chronological order like I do most of the time. Maybe I was playing it wrong? It was still quite fun. I like building my own living area.

god i love this style and game play please if you make more i think if it was an open wold that be great freedom to go anywhere and go back to get stuff on previous islands that you could not get before. aside from hp and stamina when you lvl up should really have a attack up too cause some enemys like those fire chickens were tough unless you had alot of hp restore stuff

davidmaletz responds:

We're definitely planning on adding more after you sail off to other islands, where you can get tech and new items and bring them back to your starting island. You'll also be able to get better weapons/armor that'll help you with those fire chickens!

The concept is kind of like Minecraft. There is not much explanation sadly and for some reason none of my achievements in game give me badges. Still needs work.

davidmaletz responds:

Try reloading the page - it will resubmit medals each time the game reloads. I've also heard that it sometimes takes a while for the medals to unlock with the new newgrounds beta medal api, so they might appear (with the correct unlock date) tomorrow.

Enjoyable for sure, not tedious.

"Rockslayer", "Mmm, Pizza", and "Setting Sail" achievements won't unlock for some reason.. but the others will.