Reviews for "Aground"

i like

Fuck no I aint paying 10 dollary doos for this

made me fap

played for 7 hours

I'm speechless... this was probably one of the best and most fun flash games I've played in a while. I'm also surprised that it is completely free with nothing being shoved into our face regarding buying the full game, though this was definitely a premium level game. Feels like playing Minecraft or Terraria in your browser, but with top-notch quality ;^)

From being able to customize your character at the start, creating signs, naming your animals, being able to cook pizzas, omeletts & cakes, having a companion whom you can feed and who'll defend you no matter what, building a railway underground... So many countless and insane possibilities in the game, I've always had fun and it didn't feel too slow/fast, everything was at a nice pace and how things went do depended on you, whether you'd rather mine deeper, take care of your farm or explore the island more :D

I'm very happy and satisfied after playing this game and I hope that atleast one of the game's developers will be able to read a slight portion of my review xD I just want to thank you for creating this entertaining masterpiece and making it for us, Newgrounds users, playable without a hassle ^_^