Reviews for "Aground"

I've gotten to the magic island, but I'm wondering how to fly the dragon around at the island.
Also, what is the earth gem used for?

Very fun story, mechanics and style. It's very nostalgic and reminds me of something i would play on my old game boy color or NES. Can't wait for the whole game.

I got so addicted to this game that my parents took my PC away. It's pretty fun for sure.

Probably one of my favorite games in recent memory. Not only does it have an interesting story, but the game play (and the amount of game play for this not being finished) is also phenomenal and reminds me of Terraria (but simpler, in a very good way). I'm excited to see what else you do to expand the current game, including what else happens after the 2 new endings with 1.1.2. My only super nitpicky critique is I wish leveling up had other benefits/challenges to it; it would make the game more complex/interesting if there were real limitations in the game play could only be passed by leveling up (other than increasing health and stamina) such as level specific armor, weapons, etc. That being said, the mining and trading aspects of the game are top notch (especially the mining), and I love the ease and pace of play. I didn't feel like I had to grind or collect at any point; I could just enjoy the pace and the diversity of the game. Like I said, there is so much to do already, and you still have game to make yet. Finally, I really enjoy both the graphics and the music. This game never became boring, and it is always interesting and fun to look at.

This is just an all around great title, and I can't wait for more. If you haven't played it yet, please do!

I like this game.When the full version?

davidmaletz responds:

The early access release (of the first planet) is funded on Kickstarter, and should be available in June this year. We'll probably leave early access with all the planets I want late this year (or early 2019, depending how many features/planets we end up adding).