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Reviews for "Aground"

absolutely fantastic. This really shows a lot of passion and thought and feels like a much more satisfying and focused Terraria even in this demo version. This game now joins the ranks of Rebuild, Super Hot, and CrossCode on the list of games i've seen on this site for free that i would gladly throw money at.

I love this game, but I have a problem : I can't sync my save anymore ! It's saying "sync failed" everytime I try (even if I logout and login back). Can you please help me I don't want to lose my save file if anything goes wrong... I'll be very thankful ! Aside that I LOVE your game so much !! One of the best games I ever played on Newgrounds, so keep Up the very good work :D !!

davidmaletz responds:

The Sync Failed error usually occurs when there's a network error, you can open the console using F12 on most browsers and PM/email me what it says. You can also export your saves using the option menu on the title page, so if something goes wrong you'll have that .asav file to import later.

nice game

this is possibly the most addicting game I played all weekend i love the story telling the game play is rather smooth it reminds me of old Nintendo graphics so the retro feel is nice I kinda wish this was an old Nintendo game i could play but me thinks it'd be too much for one to handle heh.. and for only ten dollars on steam is a really good deal

love this game