Reviews for "Aground"

Great game! Only thing is I played before the Magic Island update and now my save file is gone :(

This game is just like if Terraria and Minecraft had a baby. The art is pleasing to look at, and the amount of content in the game doesn't feel like a burden; it feels like a dream. The game plays well, and the only thing holding it back from 5 stars in my book is the sub-par battle mechanics.

This gives me heavy terraria vibes and I love it. The music is surprisingly good, the survival game play doesn't take on a baby sitterish tone, the art is very nice to look at, and the amount of "meat" in the game lets you tear in for hours after you expected it to feel tiresome. Once they are done with this game i hope they slap it on steam so i can pay them for all the fun i have had in it. Keep up the great work!

wait this isnt the full versin i cnt believe it i would pay for this release on app store now

davidmaletz responds:

Yes, we have a lot more planned for this game! The full version isn't out yet, but we're just finishing up a Kickstarter to fund the first planet ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidmaletz/aground ) and plan to get the game on Early Access by late June this year. We've also been considering an android port of the game, but haven't committed to it yet.

HOLY JESUS, THIS IS AMAZING! I also found it nice how the save feature is the hut that also heals your stamina. You guy's done a pretty good job on this so far!